Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tips You Should Know Before Going to Your First Kiss Concert

You have constantly been told that you need to go to a Kiss concert, at least once in your life. This year is the year, you're thinking. They are touring in your city, you have nothing better going on that night, you have convinced some friends to go with you. Well, I have news for you, not actually a Kiss fan, you are not prepared. No, you're really not. But, you can be. I fully agree with the sentiment that everyone should go see a Kiss Concert once in their life, it was a very visually stunning and entertaining show, which is why I want to help make your experience better.

Step 1: Detroit Rock City. If you cannot follow any other tips in this blog, at least follow this one, which is why I put it first. Watch the movie Detroit Rock City the day before the concert.

It sounds simple, and it is, so there's really no reason not to follow this step. Detroit Rock City is a story of four high school boys in a Kiss cover band doing anything they can to get the chance to see Kiss live in concert. This movie will pump you up for the experience tomorrow, and grateful for the adulthood bliss that comes from not having to fight with your mom about the Knights in Satan's Service for permission to attend. Also, it will take the Kiss songs you kind of know from 1 to 3, adding Detroit Rock City (yep, it's a song) and Love Gun (my favorite) to your repertoire.

Step 2: Listen to their Music! I know this sounds dumb, but I promise you, you think you know more than 1 song, but you don't. You know Rock N Roll All Nite. Name another. You can't. Maybe you kind of know Beth, but you couldn't scream the lyrics back to them at a show. So, brush up on their other songs so that you aren't completely lost during the concert.

Step 3: Learn the words to Black Diamond. They will try to get you to sing this back to them. You don't know this song. You are going to feel embarrassed. No one will know this song, either, and Kiss will have this sad moment of realizing that they are playing this huge stadium of people who don't own a single album of theirs. They still made money off of you, but it is still a little sad. Don't make them sad.

Step 4: Makeup or No Makeup? It is completely okay to go to a Kiss Concert without wearing the Kiss makeup. Still, part of you really wants to. You will need to discuss this with your group and buy the supplies in advance if you decide to go through with it. More than that, though? Don't wear makeup unless you are in a group of 3 or less. Why, you ask?
Because no one wants to be the Cat (Peter Criss). No one does. They have a Family Guy episode about this. No one wants to be the Cat. Oh, but your girlfriend loves cats? Yeah, she still doesn't love drummers or want to be Peter Criss. Notice there is no cat in the above photo? Not a coincidence. Both of us women in the group I went with refused to be the cat. We had to look up later Kiss members and their makeup and exchange matching earrings to come to this agreement that worked for everyone. So prepare now for the "I don't want to be the Cat" arguments if more than 3 of you are going.

Step 5: Get a seat in the center, not on the sides of the venue. They will have pyrotechnics and they will zip line over you. It will be worth it.

And above all else, if you follow these tips or not, have fun at the one required Kiss Concert in your life.

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